Does Having Sex Everyday Decrease Your Sperm Count 


December-07, 2022

Having sex makes you want to repeat the experience constantly because it's so enjoyable. It's impossible to stop wanting to have sex again and again. How much sex, though, is healthy for you? How many times a year can you have sex without worrying about it affecting your fertility?


Fertility refers to both a woman's capacity to become pregnant as well as a man's capacity to impregnate a woman. But the lingering query remains, " does having sex every day decrease your sperm count?" Let's investigate!  You may have heard that having sex once a week is healthy and won't impair fertility. An excessive amount of sex may eventually reduce a man's sperm count, which ultimately results in infertility. It's simply a myth, after all! 


Several Myths claim that having sex too frequently can result in bodily deterioration, fatigue, and most crucially, a decrease in sperm count. However, during masturbation, sperms in the testicles pass through the testes. The sperm can stay here for up to 25 days if they are not discharged. (Also read: What Makes a Penis Attractive? It's not what you think)


What occurs when sexual activity is less frequent? 

DNA is damaged when sperm is left inside the body for an extended period. The body's sperm are overly sensitive to heat and sunlight. Their movement is impacted by heat and radiation when they are discharged after a prolonged period.


Male infertility is caused by the irregular shape, low count, and low motility of the sperm that are discharged. (Also read: What are the pros and cons of masturbation for Man?)


How does sperm count change with repeated ejaculations? 

The body needs anywhere from 24 to 36 hours to produce more sperm. Having intercourse frequently reduces sperm count. The fresher the sperm, the higher the motility, but there's a catch! Fresh sperm is more vibrant and more active, which increases fertility.


As a result, sperm that are kept inside the body for an extended period may become less fertile because they are more susceptible to damage from heat and exposure. According to experts, a man's fertility may be at risk from infrequent ejaculation, and he may go up to 7 days without ejaculating. (Also read: Does Sildenafil Make Your Bigger: Know the Truth)


So looking at the question, does having sex every day decrease your sperm count? Indeed, a man's sperm count does modestly increase after a few days without ejaculating. Though more frequent sex or masturbation may modestly reduce your sperm count, it's unlikely to have an impact on your fertility. Regardless of how frequently you ejaculate, you will never run out of sperm cells. 


Research has examined semen samples from guys who ejaculated multiple times per day. They discovered that although the sperm count decreased with each subsequent sample, it remained above what specialists regarded as a healthy sperm count. Additionally, it didn't seem to have an impact on the vital reproductive variables of sperm quality, motility (ability to swim), or shape. (Also read: What Happens If You Inject Trimix into a Vein?)


Therefore, having frequent sex or engaging in excessive masturbation shouldn't reduce your chances of getting pregnant unless you have fertility problems. 


Some men with low sperm counts are encouraged by their fertility doctors to wait a few days before trying to get pregnant before ceasing to ejaculate. The theory holds that abstinence can help boost a low sperm count and increase the likelihood of getting pregnant. Although the evidence is contradictory. 


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