5+ Tips To Avoid Awkwardness In Love Making


July-16, 2022

Awkwardness can enter the bedroom if you are in a new relationship, or this is your first time starting a sexual relationship. If you have been together for a long time, however, awkwardness during sex is almost nonexistent. Coitus coordination issues can occasionally ruin a mood or possibly cause injury. Sex is a highly personal shared experience, therefore it makes sense that it doesn't always go smoothly. Here are some suggestions to help you stay out of unpleasant situations and keep them out of your bedroom. 


1. Use humor

Acknowledging that sex doesn't always have to be so serious can lighten the mood in bed. In the same way, telling a joke can instantly reduce tension in a room. One of the causes of what may appear awkward is when two people are physically out of sync with one another. If you can laugh at the awkwardness, though, it will be easier for you to accept the idea that sex can be humorous and to enjoy it.


2. Avoid discussing physical features

Before performing an act, discussing a person's appearance in bed can be a great mood killer. Everyone feels awkward as a result, which leads to many unpleasant situations afterward.


3. Offer up some praise

Giving an honest compliment can go a long way toward alleviating awkwardness if your partner isn't the most confident in their sexual performance or is unsure of how you might view their performance or body during sex.


4. Not Comparable

Never, under any circumstances, compare your current experience with past ones. No one enjoys hearing about the people you have slept with in bed, although this encounter is the best one so far. Never compare until your spouse specifically asks you to, and if they do, try to be as generic as you can in your response.


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5. Take a moment to check-in

Yes, taking a break for a talk during sex can help you reset and resume from a more comfortable place. Depending on how well you know your partner, you might not be interested in learning about their entire life history mid-sex, but you might think about asking them how they're doing in general and how they're feeling emotionally (to single out any potential preoccupying distractions), or, more importantly, what turns them on and how they want to be touched at that particular time.


6. Calls or Beeps

The sound of a phone ringing or the beep of a text message significantly slows down the pace of foreplay or the actual act. Taking off from where you stopped can lead to a lot of embarrassment. Before you begin your bedroom activities, put your phone on silent.


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7. Read body language and ask questions

Sometimes, the negative stigma associated with sexual shyness or discomfort prevents people from expressing their true feelings. If this may be the case with your sexual partner, observing their nonverbal signs may provide some useful information. After all, even if they vocally state that everything is fine, if they are still coping with some amount of underlying pain, it won't help to make things more comfortable.


8. No longer excited

Despite your best attempts, some situations can ruin a sex session. Awkwardness can result from the doorbell ringing, accidental tickling, giggling, and falling off of the bed. Start fresh with the foreplay in such circumstances, or if that fails to reignite the flame, prepare for a warm cuddling session. The best memories come from great sex and a few disastrous bedroom encounters!


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Finally, uncertainty during simulated sex frequently causes awkwardness. "The fear of the unknown contributes significantly to sexual uneasiness.


Spelling it out before you start might help lessen awkwardness brought on by anxiety if there is any doubt about what to expect with sex (for example, if you're having sex with a new partner or are simply experimenting with a new position or toy).


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