What Causes Tight Foreskin and How Is It Treated?


May-25, 2021

Is this reason for concern?


For the most part, the prepuce of an uncircumcised penis can be pulled once again from the head (glans) of the penis. In any case, in uncommon cases, the prepuce may turn out to be excessively tight and be not able be withdrawn. This condition is called phimosis.


Most instances of phimosis resolve before pre-adulthood, however it's feasible for the condition to last into adulthood. In spite of the fact that there aren't any genuine wellbeing confusions identified with phimosis, it's related with conditions that can cause soreness, swelling, and trouble urinating.


Continue perusing to take in more about the conditions attached to phimosis, how phimosis is dealt with, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.


Reasons for tight prepuce


Your age may decide the reason for your phimosis. Youngsters and grown-ups may encounter phimosis for various reasons.


In young men, a tight prepuce is viewed as innate, which implies it's something they have during childbirth. At the point when this occurs, it's sorted as physiologic phimosis. The prepuce normally turns out to be increasingly malleable throughout the following couple of years, with phimosis totally settling by age 7.


On the off chance that a kid is circumcised, phimosis is absurd.


The other classification is pathologic phimosis. This implies phimosis is because of a contamination, irritation, or scarring from a subordinate condition. Pathologic phimosis can be caused by the accompanying conditions.


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Balanitis is a sort of skin disturbance that creates on the leader of the penis. It's particularly basic in guys who haven't been circumcised.


Side effects incorporate redness, tingling, and swelling, which can cause prepuce snugness. Balanitis can likewise cause torment while urinating.


Rehearsing great cleanliness is normally enough to treat and counteract balanitis. Cleaning the penis with tepid water and cleanser consistently, and tenderly drying it in the wake of washing and urinating, should help. At times, your specialist may prescribe a topical cream or anti-toxin.




This happens when the glans and the prepuce are aggravated. This irritation of both prepuce and glans make the prepuce more tightly. Despite the fact that a yeast contamination known as candidiasis is frequently to fault, bacterial or different sorts of diseases can likewise cause balanoposthitis. Topical creams containing anti-toxins or antifungals are regularly useful for treating the disease.




Certain explicitly transmitted diseases (STIs) can cause balanitis. Indications of balanitis, for example, swelling and irritation, would then be able to prompt a tight prepuce.


Genital herpes: Balanitis is a typical side effect of genital herpes. Different herpes side effects incorporate agony and little liquid fill sacs like rankles on the penis and once in a while on the scrotum.


Gonorrhea: This STI may likewise cause balanitis manifestations, for example, swelling and redness. Other gonorrhea manifestations include:


  • Torment In Balls
  • Release From The Penis
  • Increasingly Visit Pee


Syphilis: This STI can cause penis redness and swelling also. Different syphilis side effects include:

  • Bodily Fluid Fixes On The Penis
  • A Rash Somewhere Else On The Body
  • Muscle Hurts
  • Fever
  • In General Unwell Inclination
  • Other Skin Conditions


In spite of the fact that less normal, other skin conditions can likewise prompt phimosis or cause the condition to intensify. These include:


Lichen planus: This bothersome, noncontagious skin issue can cause sparkling, level knocks to show up on the penis. Topical steroid creams are typically powerful at influencing the rash to vanish.


Lichen sclerosus: This can make white patches create on the prepuce and some of the time the glans. Lichen sclerosus can likewise cause scarring of the prepuce. Corticosteroid balms may help. Sometimes, circumcision might be important.


Dermatitis: This normal, long haul skin condition makes dry patches shape on the skin. Particular sorts of cleansers, the manner in which you dry yourself, and different triggers can cause flare-ups. Work with your specialist to figure out how to keep away from or limit triggers. The specialist may likewise endorse corticosteroid salves and different drugs to help deal with your side effects.


Psoriasis: This incessant skin condition can cause dry, dry patches of skin to frame because of irregular skin cell generation. Your specialist can enable you to recognize any conceivable triggers and endorse corticosteroids to help ease your indications.


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Treatment choices


The manner in which phimosis is dealt with relies upon its motivation and seriousness. Now and again, no treatment is important. However, on the off chance that a tight prepuce causes indications, you ought to counsel your specialist about your treatment choices.




As both a treatment and preventive measure, delicately pull back and move the prepuce. This ought to be done when cleaning the penis, beginning at an exceptionally youthful age.


Be mindful so as not to pull back prepuce that is still clung to the glans. In case you're uncertain of whether the prepuce is as yet appended or whether it's protected to pull back, counsel your specialist. Never strongly withdraw the prepuce.


Over-the-counter (OTC) prescription


OTC corticosteroid creams and treatments, for example, hydrocortisone can be viable for some, skin conditions that reason or decline phimosis. Regardless of whether there are no different conditions present, your specialist may prescribe utilizing topical steroids on your prepuce.


Kneading the balm into the prepuce and physically withdrawing the skin two times multi day may help make the prepuce increasingly supple. Agony relievers, for example, ibuprofen (Advil) may likewise be useful, contingent upon your manifestations.


Doctor prescribed drug


Some topical steroids, for example, betamethasone (Celestone) and triamcinolone (Aristopan), require a solution.


A remedy for anti-toxins, for example, erythromycin (Ilotycin) or antifungal prescriptions, for example, miconazole (Lotrimin AF) may likewise be important to treat diseases influencing your penis and prepuce.


Make sure to accept the prescriptions as endorsed and for the time allotment suggested by your specialist. Ceasing anti-infection agents too early may enable a bacterial contamination to proceed and at times create protection from anti-toxins.


Medical procedure


A careful alternative might be vital if different medications aren't compelling. Your alternatives ordinarily include:


Circumcision: This is the careful evacuation of all or part of the prepuce. Despite the fact that circumcision is ordinarily done amid early stages, it tends to be done at any age. It's generally suggested for instances of serious phimosis or incessant prepuce disease.


Preputioplasty: This method includes the cutting and extending of the prepuce. It's a less-far reaching medical procedure than circumcision. It's a possibility for men who still need the presence of an uncircumcised penis.


Frenuloplasty: Similar to preputioplasty, a frenuloplasty includes the careful cutting of the prepuce on the underside of the penis. This releases the prepuce enough to make it effectively retractable.


Likewise with any medical procedure, these methodology convey a slight danger of draining and disease.


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A tight prepuce can cause inconvenience amid intercourse, trouble with pee, and a more serious danger of contaminations. Be that as it may, with fruitful treatment, those indications may vanish totally.


Converse with your specialist about your alternatives. Sometimes, topical drugs might be all you require. In the event that your specialist prescribes medical procedure, they'll clarify the procedure and help you comprehend your subsequent stages.


The most effective method to counteract potential difficulties


Tenderly pulling back the prepuce and cleaning your penis from the time you're youthful may help counteract phimosis later on. On the off chance that you can't do it on the grounds that the prepuce is excessively tight or in light of the fact that there are attachments between the prepuce and glans, get your specialist's recommendation on appropriate consideration.


In the event that you ever build up a contamination that influences the penis or prepuce, treat it early and completely. Legitimate treatment can diminish your hazard for scarring, which may help keep phimosis from creating.


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