What Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?


May-11, 2022

Male hypogonadism (low testosterone or "Low T") is a disorder in which the body fails to produce adequate hormones due to a problem with the testicles, pituitary gland, or brain. Testosterone replacement treatment, also known as androgen replacement therapy, is approved to treat this illness. To deal with fatigue, erectile dysfunction, and lack of sex drive, men use testosterone treatments such as patches, gels, pills, injections, or lotions.


What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

So, what exactly is erectile dysfunction? It's the inability to create or maintain a satisfactory erection for intercourse. Erectile dysfunction can affect men of any age, but it is more frequent in those over 40 years. According to studies, more than 30 million men today in the United States suffer from erectile dysfunction.            


Testosterone replacement therapy dosage

Your testosterone dose will reflect your free testosterone level if you have low free testosterone. It's also crucial to keep an eye on your estrogen levels. Estrogen increases sex hormone-binding globulin levels. So, you must regulate your estrogen and monitor your free testosterone to determine how much testosterone you should take.


On average, the actual dose of testosterone 200mg/ml given per week is between 1 cc and 0.4 ccs. between those boundaries, actual testosterone levels vary quite a bit. At 0.4 cc, you'll get 80 mg, and at 1 cc, you'll get 200 mg.


Trimix Injection

TriMix is a generic term for a combination of papaverine, phentolamine, and alprostadil (PGE). When injected into the penis, these medicines have a vasodilating action, relaxing and dilating the blood vessels. TriMix injectable therapy is recognized by the American Urological Society as a credible treatment for erectile dysfunction.


A very small needle is placed into the right region along the shaft of the penis to deliver the drug mixture into the corpus cavernosum for the TriMix injection. The medication combination causes the corpus cavernosum to relax, dilate, and fill with blood, resulting in an erection.


TriMix is a typically effective, low-cost ED medication, particularly for patients who have had poor outcomes with PDE5 inhibitors or who have moderate to severe side effects.



Patients with circulation difficulties are often offered papaverine as a stand-alone drug to improve blood flow. Papaverine relaxes and dilates blood vessels as a vasodilator, allowing blood to flow more freely to the heart and throughout the body.


Papaverine also relaxes the smooth muscle in large blood vessels, including the coronary, systemic peripheral, and pulmonary arteries, while having essentially no effect on the central nervous system. This component is beneficial to men with ED because it improves circulation to the penis, allowing patients to achieve and maintain a full erection for intercourse.


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Phentolamine is an adrenergic alpha-receptor blocker that improves blood flow to the skin, mucosa, and abdominal viscera while also lowering blood pressure. Phentolamine acts by blocking the body's alpha receptors, which are found in the muscle that lines the walls of blood vessels. When phentolamine blocks these alpha receptors, muscles relax, and blood vessels open, resulting in a significant increase in blood flow.



Erectile dysfunction symptoms in males can be treated with alprostadil. Alprostadil, a vasodilator, relaxes the muscles and blood arteries of the penis to allow a consistent flow of blood to the penis, allowing the user to obtain and maintain an erection. Alprostadil was proven to be an effective therapy with manageable side effects in three distinct studies on the efficacy and safety of this component used for intracavernosal treatment.


Testosterone replacement therapy cost

The good news is that testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) does not need to be expensive. Most insurance companies will cover all forms of testosterone replacement medication, so you'll just have to pay the co-pay. Depending on your region, treatment procedure, and insurance coverage, co-pays might range from $30 to $100 per month.


Generic alternatives will also help to reduce out-of-pocket expenses. Injections are the least expensive method of testosterone replacement therapy without insurance, costing anywhere from $40 to $100 each month. Pellets, which are slow-release drugs implanted beneath the skin, cost around $500 per month on average and might vary depending on your dose.


Monthly costs for gels, creams, and patches can range from $200 to $500. TRT is a critical component of regaining your total health, wellness, and sense of well-being. It's crucial to remember, though, that expenses can fluctuate from month to month or week to week as your doctor perfects your treatment.


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What Are Testosterone Replacement Therapy's Side Effects?

Testosterone replacement therapy is generally considered safe. It has several negative effects, which include:

- Acne or oily skin

- Mild fluid retention.

- Prostate tissue stimulation, maybe with increased urination symptoms such as a decreased stream or frequency.

- Prostate abnormalities are more likely to occur.

- Breast enlargement

- High-risk Blood clot.

- Worsen sleep apnea (a sleep disorder that results in wakening up frequently at night and sleepiness in the daytime)

- Testicular size-reduction

- Increased aggression and mood swings

- Heart attack and stroke risk may be increased.


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Once you start testosterone therapy can you stop?

The only apparent consensus is that there isn't one on how long you should take testosterone replacement therapy, which is why it's so important to talk to your bioidentical hormone specialist and come up with a treatment plan that's appropriate for you. In general, testosterone therapy is a continuous treatment that lasts for a long time, if not indefinitely. Stopping therapy, like with other chronic diseases, may cause your symptoms to reappear as testosterone levels fall below healthy levels.


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