What Makes a Penis Attractive? It's not what you think


August-30, 2022

Most guys believe that size, particularly length, is the only factor that matters to women when it comes to the penis. But the reality is considerably more complicated. Despite what men may believe, according to recent research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, women prefer penises that are well-proportioned and well-groomed over those that are longer than necessary.


Many men assume the wrong things


It's important to understand before we continue that men frequently exaggerate the size of the typical male penis. Although numerous studies have proven that the genuine average length is closer to five inches at 5.16 inches, most men do believe that the average size for an erect penis is over six inches (for an erect penis without being stretched).


Men need to be aware that their perceptions of average size may not be accurate. Worry, a sense of inadequacy, and dissatisfaction might result from this.


What Effect Does Size Have, then?


Scientists surveyed women in California in 2015 to determine how big they like their penises to be on average. What would be the optimum size for a husband or serious long-term boyfriend, they asked in a questionnaire. The researchers conducted surveys with close to 100 women from various ethnic origins.


The findings revealed that, in general, women were significantly more concerned with circumference and girth than with length, and that they generally preferred penises that were just marginally larger than the average size of the population.


According to this research, women value penile circumference more than penis length, maybe because a larger penis may extend the vaginal opening and stimulate the deep components of a woman's anatomy. Men, on the other hand, place a considerably higher value on penis length.


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What Matters If Size Doesn't?


According to findings in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, women generally place far greater value on the overall shape and dimensions of the penis as well as how well-groomed and maintained men's pubic hair is.


Most American males who are sexually active maintain their pubic hair, with younger men giving it more attention than older ones. Why is that so? since ladies prefer it. Women like guys who comb and clip their pubic hair, a process frequently referred to as "manscaping," as Men's Health magazine recently reported.


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How can you ensure that you are growing to your full size and girth?


It's crucial to keep in mind the value of grooming and hygiene if you want to attract and win over ladies. For your sense of confidence, you might also want to make sure that your penis is at its largest possible length and diameter. It may be time to consult a doctor about erectile dysfunction medication if you, like many men, find it difficult to achieve and/or maintain a firm erection.


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