What are the pros and cons of masturbation for Man?


September-15, 2022

An individual will masturbate to get sexual satisfaction. Most people engage in it to satisfy their desire or because they are unable to find partners. As young people nowadays become more open about it and talk about it in their groups, it is growing in popularity.


Because people were uninformed about self-pleasure and stigmatized it, it was once regarded as a sin. Since it was widely believed that masturbating would strip them of their virginity, make them impure, and lower their chances of finding a compatible life partner, women hesitated to do so.


But as time changed, people became more knowledgeable about it, and as a result, have increased access to information and sources, and religious limitations finally became relapsed. Depending on how frequently someone masturbates, there are pros and cons to masturbation.


The Advantages (Pros) of Masturbation


Look at some of the advantages of masturbation for our health and how it can help with various health issues:


- It increases blood flow and releases endorphin.

- It eases emotional strain, hopelessness, and anxiety.

- You become more at ease and assured in your body as a result.

- It meets your sexual cravings and enables you to pursue your passions on your own.

- To achieve orgasm, it enables you to experiment with yourself, comprehend your body, and learn what functions for you.

- You can avoid insomnia and enjoy better sleep after masturbation.

- Your relationship may improve when you become more in tune with your body and may help your spouse.

- It lessens the possibility of STDs.

- When used to its fullest potential, it serves as a great stress reliever.


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The Disadvantages (Cons) of Masturbation


Anything in excess is bad for your health and has negative repercussions on your body. Compulsive masturbation, however, may become incredibly addictive and occasionally become out of control. Consider some negative impacts or consequences of masturbating on our bodies:


- If you get addicted to it, preventing you from engaging in it whenever you feel like it may cause frustration.

- It may impact social interactions and concentration.

- If done vigorously, it may cause damage to the genitalia.

- For men, it might lead to early ejaculation.

- A healthy sexual relationship with your partner could be affected.


The misconception about masturbating and erectile dysfunction


Many people believe that excessive masturbation can lead to erectile dysfunction (ED). When you are unable to achieve or keep an erection, you have ED. This is a myth with no basis in reality. Men's erectile dysfunction is not directly caused by masturbation. This concept ignores some of the complicated issues surrounding masturbation as well as the various non-masturbatory or pornographic reasons for erectile dysfunction, both physical and psychological.


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What is the real reason for male erectile dysfunction?


Can masturbation cause ED? Numerous physical and psychological factors might contribute to erectile dysfunction. It may occasionally be brought on by both.


Physical factors may consist of:


- Excessive use of alcohol or cigarettes.

- High or low blood pressure levels, 

- High or low blood pressure levels, 

- Diabetes

- Cardiovascular condition

- Diseases like Parkinson's disease (PD) or multiple sclerosis (MS)


Various psychological factors include:


- Difficulties with closeness in love relationships or concern over it

- Problems in your personal or professional life that cause you to worry or be anxious

- Depression or other mental health issues related to it

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What Is Masturbation Addiction?


This is referred to as Addiction to excessive or obsessive masturbating. For those whose sexual conduct is out of control, it can significantly affect daily functioning even though it is not a diagnosable mental health disorder.Masturbation is not inherently bad, and individuals who like it or use it to make up for a lack of sex with a partner can benefit from it.


To the point where it feels out of control, some people's desire to masturbate, however, can develop into an excessive or compulsive practice. Masturbation addiction is a term that has been used to describe the behavior in this instance.


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Side effects of Masturbation


Masturbation is not harmful. If they are extremely rough, some people could have chafing or sore skin, but this will normally go away in a few days. Men who repeatedly masturbate in a short period may develop small edema, or swelling, of the penis. Usually, this swelling goes away in a few days. Additional Side effects of masturbation include:




If a person feels that masturbating contradicts their religious, spiritual, or moral beliefs, they may feel guilty. or cultural principles. However, self-pleasure is not embarrassing, and masturbation is neither immoral nor improper.


Decrease in sexual sensitivity


If they adopt an aggressive masturbation approach that holds their penis too tightly, men may feel less sensation. A change in approach over time will help a man overcome this.


Prostate cancer


Whether masturbating raises or lowers the risk of prostate cancer is still up for debate. Before concluding, the researchers must do additional research. In comparison with other studies, a 2008 study discovered that a man's risk of prostate cancer increased with frequent sexual activity in his 20s and 30s, particularly if he frequently masturbated.


Disturbing your routine


Some people may masturbate more than they want, which could:


- Lead them to miss essential social engagements, work, or school

- Interrupt a person's normal activities

- Impact their obligations and connections

- Function as a distraction from interpersonal problems or serve as a replacement for practical experiences


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Benefits of masturbation


Masturbation is a healthy sexual activity. Your physical and emotional health may both benefit from it. Studies on the benefit of masturbation are scarce, although there are studies on sexual stimulation and intercourse. Masturbation, as well as other forms of sexual stimulation, may benefit you in the following ways, according to research and anecdotal evidence:


- Reduce accumulated tension

- Improved sleep

- Improve mood

- Prevent depression and anxiety

- Relax

- Experience delight and enjoyment

- Alleviate cramping

- Reduce arousal anxiety

- Increase self-worth

- Improve your sex

- Better comprehend your desires and requirements


Married women who masturbated reported having more orgasms, improved self-esteem, increased sexual desire, and greater satisfaction with their marital and sex life, according to a 2015 study. Additionally, couples may engage in reciprocal masturbation to satisfy their various urges and prevent conception. When compared to having sex with a partner, self-pleasuring also aids in the prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).


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When discussing masturbation, some people may feel embarrassed, guilty, or humiliated. Masturbation, however, is not wrong, healthy, or something to be ashamed of. Masturbation won't make you blind or harm your physical or mental health. Masturbation frequently has more positive consequences on health than negative ones.


The only time masturbation becomes an issue is when it starts to affect one's everyday life, and relationships with friends, family, coworkers, and romantic partners. In some situations, speaking with a medical practitioner, especially a sex therapist, may be beneficial.


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