What Happens If You Inject Trimix into a Vein?


November-25, 2022

An erection is caused by erectile tissue, which is a muscle. Long stretches of erection-free time are harmful to the erectile tissue and may even harm it. We think that erections maintain the health of the erectile tissue. You can get an erection using a penile injection. It functions best if you take it five to fifteen minutes before you want an erection.



For the injection, Phentolamine Mesylate, Papaverine Hydrochloride (with or without Atropine), and Prostaglandin E1 are the three shots that make up Trimix Injection.

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Various causes of erectile dysfunction are treated with this drug. Within five to twenty minutes, it ought to start working, and its effects ought to last an hour or so.


How Does Trimix Work?

TriMix is a compounded medication that functions synergistically, as was already mentioned. Its parts could all contribute in some way to a penile erection. However, when these ingredients are combined to form a single medicine, they might reinforce one another's beneficial effects. These medications may have an effect that is much stronger when taken together than if taken alone. (Also read: What Happens If You Inject Trimix into a Vein?)


TriMix injections into the penis have the potential to relax, enlarge, and fill the corpus cavernosum with blood. This may lead to satisfying penile erections that endure the entire time of sexual activity.



Trimix, Bimix, and Papaverine are the three drugs that are used for injection therapy the most frequently. Most men start their injection therapy with Trimix, a combination of papaverine, phentolamine, and alprostadil. To induce an erection, these ingredients relax the smooth muscle and dilate the blood vessels in your penis. Whether Trimix or another drug is best for you will be determined by your APP.



Trimix should be kept in the refrigerator and away from light since the alprostadil in it can become less effective over time. This may prolong the medication's shelf life by a few more months. Bimix and papaverine don't include alprostadil, therefore you don't need to keep the medication in the fridge if you take them. (Also read: All About Erectile Dysfunction)



The first injection is administered at the office to demonstrate the purpose, of how to administer it on your own at home. It also aids in determining the ideal dosage for your need. Normally, we start you out with 15 units. You can raise the dose by five units at a time until you receive the desired result.


Call us and we will prescribe you a stronger dose if you are using 50 units and still aren't obtaining the erection you need. A maximum of three injections are permitted each week, but you must wait 24 hours between each one. And for each injection, be sure to switch sides of the penis.


However, some men find that injectable therapy is not always a viable long-term choice, in which case they may wish to think about the penile implant. (Also read: Does Watching Porn Together Really Help You Have a Better Sex Life?)



Although the three distinct medicines are offered separately, they are not offered together in the strengths that are frequently provided in Trimix Injection. To reduce the formation of scar tissue, this enables the ease of a single injection as opposed to many injections.


Why Use Trimix

There are no indications for the usage of TriMix in women; it is a medicine that is solely intended for use by men. TriMix is only indicated as a compound medicine for men who report the signs and symptoms of ED, even though its components may have several therapeutic purposes.


Nevertheless, people with ED shouldn't use TriMix immediately. Before pursuing intracavernosal injection therapy, patients should first try and fail more conventional pharmacological approaches to address ED, such as PDE5 medications.


Men with ED may think about utilizing TriMix for two main reasons:

- Using first-line medication, such as PDE5 inhibitors, they are unable to obtain sufficient results.

- PDE5 inhibitors cause them to become hypersensitive or have additional side effects.


It has been demonstrated that injectable TriMix is effective in the treatment of ED. According to studies, TriMix has an average success rate of between 80% and 90%. (Also read: Penis Health)



• Adhere to the dosage schedule that your doctor recommended. Do not exceed the suggested dose.

• Allow at least 24 hours to pass between injections.

• Limit your use to three times per week.

• Store your medication in the included light-protective bag.

• Discard the drug if it becomes foggy or exhibits other visual changes.


If you have the following: Do not take this medication.

• Hypersensitivity or allergies to any of the formulation's ingredients.

• Sickle cell anemia, multiple myeloma, or leukemia are conditions that can make you more susceptible to priapism (a painful erection lasting four hours or longer).

• Penile implants or anatomical deformity of the penis.

• Your doctor has advised against or stated that it is inappropriate for you to engage in sexual behavior. (Also read: How to improve your sexual performance?)


Where can I purchase Trimix?

TriMix can only be used after receiving a prescription from a doctor or other medical professional. This medication must be specially produced by a pharmacist at a compounding pharmacy or outsourcing facility because it is a compound drug. Depending on the patient's demands and the prescription given by the doctor, the ratio of the different TriMix components utilized in its creation may change.


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