5+ Simple Ways to Improve Sex Life of Men Over 40


June-07, 2022

As our bodies gradually transform as we age, our hope for a fulfilling sex life does not have to change. However, for elderly individuals having sex, medical difficulties, surgeries, and changes in bodily appearance in oneself and one's partner present challenges for both men and women. Unfortunately, accepting the new reality of our aging bodies often takes precedence over spicing up our sex life. It's never too late, though, to reclaim the vitality and thrill of previous sexual enjoyment.


Learn how to overcome health concerns for a satisfying and pleasant sex life, regardless of your age. According to psychotherapist Dana Brendza, PsyD, your concerns of erectile problems and lack of libido affecting your sex life are rather typical among men older than 50. However, this does not rule out the possibility of working against them.


The first step is to consult your doctor. Because your doctor may not initiate the discussion, you'll need to bring it up yourself.


These are some more suggestions for maintaining an active sex life after the age of 40:


Consider medication:

The first point of call to address erectile dysfunction is the administration of prescription medicines such as Cialis®, Levitra®, or, Viagra® which can be highly helpful. A urologist, as well as your general care physician, can prescribe these.


Watch your waistline: 

High BP, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol can all contribute to vascular issues that cause erection problems. Keeping a healthy eating habit, exercising, and maintaining the right weight is very important. If you are health-conscious enough about these lifestyle diseases, there is a higher chance to reduce or delay the beginning of erectile issues.


Get your heart checked if needed: 

Assuming you have any of the lifestyle diseases, although taking medication may be of help drastically, your doctor may want to monitor your heart. "A doctor must ensure that the heart is in good shape before prescribing these medicines," Dr. Brendza explains. The reason for this is that erection problems can reveal other issues, such as serious heart disease.


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Don’t assume it's low testosterone: 

A lot of men have received treatment for low testosterone, according to several experts. Hormones can cause a decrease in desire. It's a good idea to have your testosterone levels checked if you're having problems with erections. "Your doctor must investigate and treats the causes of low testosterone or sexual drive," Dr. Brendza advises.


Consider counseling: 

Psychological treatment may be an alternative for sexual difficulties including low libido and erectile dysfunction that have an emotional component. "It's critical to evaluate the possibility that your sexual problems are caused by a psychological condition. Men's sexual troubles might be exacerbated by anxiety, depression, life stress, and relationship issues. Counseling may be beneficial in certain situations, according to Dr. Brendza.


Talk to your partner if your sex drives are mismatched: 

It's typical for couples to have sexual desires that aren't compatible. If this is the case, couples should talk openly about their sexual desires and try to reach an agreement that meets both of their needs. "In a sexual relationship, one partner may want to focus more on closeness, while the other may want to focus more on the erectile components of sexual activity," Dr. Brendza explains.


Other than intercourse, there are various methods to enjoy intimacy and pleasure, so you might want to try manual, oral, and mechanical stimulation to suit each other's needs. Ensure to be open to new experiences. In other words, find out what your partner wants and then tell them what you want.


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Set aside time for sex:

Men's stress and strains of everyday life can become a barrier to sex as they get older. Even if the tactics alter over time, Dr. Brendza believes couples must set aside time to nourish their relationship and promote continual connection. Couples can have a healthy intimate connection well into their 70s and 80s if this happens.


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