9 Tips to Improve male sexual performance


June-15, 2022

If the maintenance of your sexual life is your priority, you have support here. All kinds of men are in search of methods to improve their sexual performance. It could be working on existing situations or exploring new strategies for the satisfaction of your partner. There are a lot of male enhancement pills on sale, but there are a lot of easy ways to keep firmer and last longer without going to the pharmacy.


Bear in mind that your penis functions maximally through blood pressure, so ensure you have a highly functional circulatory system. What makes your heart fully functional and in good condition works for your sexual health as well. Keep reading so you can discover some easy methods to promote your sexual performance optimally.


1. Stay active

If you are keen on promoting your sexual health, you must engage in some sort of cardiovascular exercise. It is also a fact that sexual activities raise the heartbeat rate; nonetheless, consistent exercising will help promote better health. Thirty minutes of sweat-breaking workouts, such as running or swimming, will raise your libido dramatically.


2. Eat the following fruits and veggies

Some foods can promote a better free flow of blood. They are as follows:


Garlic and onions: although this type of food can cause bad breath, they are key players in the effectiveness of blood flow.

Bananas: since banana is rich in potassium, it is therefore capable of lowering blood pressure, which is a breakthrough for your sexual organ, and that transforms into a fantastic sexual performance.

Peppers and chilies: regularly taking spicy foods to improve blood flow by lowering blood pressure and inflammation.


3. Eat these meats with other foods

Below are some of the foods that can promote the flow of blood in your body:


Omega-3 fatty acids: This is a type of fatty acid. This sort of fat improves blood circulation. You’ll find olive oil, tuna, avocados, and Salmon.

Vitamin B-1: is a water-soluble vitamin. You’ll experience a general prompt movement of messages from the nervous system through the vitamins; an example is the transportation of messages received by the penis from the brain. You’ll get this vitamin from foods like peanuts, kidney beans, and pork.

Eggs: Eggs, which are high in other B vitamins, assist to keep hormone levels in check. This way stress can be reduced and impediments to erection can stop.


4. Lower your stress levels

Your overall health, even your libido, can be negatively affected by stress. A rise in blood pressure and negative heart rate can happen as a result of stress. The negative impact of each of these two can affect performance and sexual drive. The psychological effect of stress can distort the flow of erection and orgasms.


An exercise is an excellent approach to relieving stress and enhancing your overall health. Having a heart-to-heart talk with your partner about your stressful life could help your body and mind relax as you improve your relationship. Stress can make you indulge in some bad habits such as drinking excessively or smoking, these two can cause your sexual performance to be hampered.


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5. Get rid of negative habits

The activities you engage in during your leisure like drinking and smoking could have a terrible effect on your performance during sex. As much as research has revealed that a moderate intake of red wine could help facilitate better sexual performance, excessive intake of alcohol can be detrimental. The use of frequent use of stimulants is linked to impotence because of their ability to seize blood vessels.


The solution is on its way once you start to reduce and eventually stop smoking. You can therefore start to better your chances of sexual health by replacing your bad habits that have harmed your sexual health in time past with good ones such as eating healthy and exercising frequently.


6. Get some sun

Melatonin synthesis is inhibited by sunlight. The presence of this hormone in your system will allow for a good regular sleep but it will also suppress your sexual desires. So, deficiency in this hormone will promote an increase in sexual desire. So, what can increase your sex drive is to engage more frequently in the sun so that your sex drive can be reawakened, majorly during the winter when you have the possibility for more released melatonin.


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7. Masturbation to lengthen the life

It is known that constant practice makes one better, so the best way to have a more improved sex experience is to practice more frequently. Although we know that the best way to prepare you for sex is to engage in sexual activities, a way to last longer is to engage in masturbation.

However, how you masturbate may have negative consequences. Rushing through the process of masturbating may defeat the purpose which might affect the length of time you last with your partner. The idea is to prolong the process of masturbating when you are alone.


8. Pay close attention to your partner.

The adventure of sex is not a single straight path, but it first entails paying stringent attention to your partner's sexual desires, the result of this may either slow you down or turn you on, which can also make the sexual experience more remarkable for them. If you can interact early with your partner, you can quickly avoid any form of embarrassment if there is a need to reduce tempo or slow down in tense situations.


Not losing track of your partner while taking a break during your sexual adventure might give you and your partner a more enjoyable experience.


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9. Seek additional assistance if necessary.

Your best option is to employ the experience of a professional (physician) if you happen to have any of the following diseases: erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, or any other is your best bet. Make it a duty to start a discussion with your doctor on how to better your sexual productivity.



In conclusion, remember that it is never too late to take a new turn and be dogged about getting a change in your sexual adventure; some of the things you need to work on is your eating habit, exercising adequately, and maximizing your sexual experience.


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